Frequently Asked Questions



Do I need to automate my current business processes?

Hopefully, your company is thriving, so you may not "need" to automate.  However,  with an estimated 15-30% of work tasks being automatable in most companies, you are likely to miss out on a lot of employee innovation and engagement. 

What are some of the major advantages of business automation?

The most important advantage of automation is that it frees up time.  While an employee is performing repetitive tasks, their engagement and creativity are greatly reduced, if not turned off completely.  This is not ideal for your employees or your organization.
Security, speed, accuracy and turnover protection are also high on the list of major advantages.


Is my information safe?

Security is ingrained in every project we undertake.  We use the latest security standards for all data in transit and at rest no matter the sensitivity level.  Our platform is powered by Microsoft Azure and constantly monitored for any concerns in security or performance.

Will automation increase my business costs?

There are costs to automation or any sort of custom development so you will incur costs in the beginning.  However, the purpose of automation is not just cost-reduction, it is the ability for you and your company to focus on more profitable work than repetitve tasks.

Do I need to make major changes to my business work process while automating?

Major changes are not generally necessary when you start using automation.  You might find that with automation some process go away altogether, others might just be sped up.  We take a very non-invasive approach to automation.  We believe that automation should enhance, not disrupt.

How can custom application software be helpful to my business?

With on-line or off-the-shelf software, you will find it likely meets 80-90% of your needs.  When you must have that remaining 10-20%, custom software becomes necessary.

How long does it take to develop an app?

A project's duration cannot be predicted with certainty. Everything depends on the kind of app you would like to create, the number of features, and the design aesthetic. However, we can create a plan and discuss length for your specific app development project.

How is business visualization helpful to my enterprise?

Most organizations use a conglomeration of software packages and sites to run.  Normally this means manually trying to stich information together from these products to get a complete picture.  Business visualization allows you to see all your information in one convenient spot.